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Mrs. Fiorito's Home Page

Thank you for visiting my website!  This year I am teaching high school algebra (seventh grade), US History and Civics (eighth grade), and literature and grammar (eighth grade).


I use Google Classroom to post assignments and projects, and to provide reference documents related to my students' assigned work.  I use the website you are viewing now to post information of a more general nature, such as links to sites that students will find useful for the long term, my classroom policies and course objectives, and some parent resources, such as links to useful and interesting websites.   Please use this link to access my website for students.


If you have questions about any of the information on this site, please reach out. My email address is [email protected]


Google Classroom for Students: Materials, Questions, Assignments (6m12s)

This video is geared toward students in grades 5-8, but parents and teachers who are new to Classroom may also find it helpful to watch this video to gain an understanding of the three most common things teachers post on Classroom.

Google Classroom for Students & Parents (4m18s)

This video doesn't get into the differences among assignments, questions, and materials. Instead, the focus is on how students can navigate Classroom efficiently. Short and sweet with easy-to-follow demonstrations of how to get to Classroom with the "waffle;" how students can see what assignments they have completed, what assignments are past due, and what due dates are coming up; and a couple different ways students can submit assignments.