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STFOA Newsletter

Our weekly newsletter is a wonderful resource to stay in the loop. The newsletter is emailed out to families on a weekly basis. 

Dear Families,


As I wrote in a previous letter, one of our sixth grade teachers resigned over the break for health and family reasons.  Nancy Jayne came out of retirement to teach the class for two weeks.  That went very well, but the two weeks were up last Friday. We are now blessed to have not one but two teachers in that classroom.  Kali Parker, who was a teacher at our school for years but left full-time teaching when she had her daughter, and Jamie Fry, a teacher and parent of three girls at our school, will share the position.  Both are wonderful people, and we’re so lucky to have them in our sixth grade classroom.

Earlier in the week, I sent an email out reminding people that pick-up and drop-off should happen only in the carpool line and how everyone can do his/her part to help pick-up and drop-off run smoothly.  Thank you for turning right into the parking lot, moving all of the way forward before dropping your child off, and turning right when you leave the parking lot. 

When I sent the email, a parent also let me know that cars are speeding down 152nd just before 8:30.  My guess is they are trying to get to the parking lot before the gates close.  I can understand the urge to step on the gas when you’re running late, but here are several reasons why you shouldn’t:


  • There are often children crossing the street near a school. They don’t always cross where they should. Looking at the physics and depending upon the mass of your car, if you are going 20 mph, your stopping distance is about 19 feet; at 30 mph, it’s 43 ft.; at 40 mph, it’s 76 ft.; and at 50mph, it’s 119 ft.  Even at 30 mph it would be difficult to see a child come out from between two cars and stop before hitting the child.  The faster you’re going, the greater the impact would be.
  • Doing the math, speeding through the school zone will only save you seconds. When you are within a half mile of the school, if you are going 20 mph, it will take you 90 seconds to get to school.  If you’re going 30 mph, it will take 60 seconds, and if you are going 60 mph, it will take 30 seconds. 
  • Going 20 mph instead of 60 mph would only add about a minute to your drive and would be much safer for all concerned. 

Last Wednesday, our Parents’ Connection speaker gave a wonderful talk about mindfulness and the importance of slowing down, noticing, appreciating, and living in the present. As parents of kindergarten through eighth graders, you are busy.  There are meals, grocery shopping, laundry, homework, family outings, Masses, and shuttling children from one place to another. Many of you work and/or have children involved in sports or other after school activities.  Your lives are full. 

Although it may feel like your lives will always be this way, in reality your children are with you for a relatively short time.  Plan the night before and then leave a few minutes earlier in the morning so you aren’t rushing out the door and are able to go through carpool. Take a minute to breathe, say a prayer, slow down, and to notice and appreciate the time you have with your children.  You will never regret it, and you will make the world a little better place.


Peace and blessings,
Rosemary Leifer