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Soon -to-be-Graduates and Parents !

Soon-to-be-Graduates and Parents,

Here is the information you need for Graduation Day!

9:40 Students arrive in the eighth grade classrooms. Wear church-appropriate clothing – no jeans, shorts, or sweats for anyone.

  • Girls: NO strapless dresses or spaghetti straps, unless you have a sweater on. Heels are not suggested since you will be traipsing up and down the church aisle a few times and walking briskly through all the school halls.
  • Boys: You may wear khakis, uniform pants, or dress pants, but stay away from joggers.

10:00 Mass in the church

11:00 Graduates will go back to their classrooms where they will don their robes and then process through the school hallways to bid goodbye to students in the other grades.

Meanwhile, back in the church – family and friends may move to pews which were previously occupied by school classes during Mass. The first four rows facing the altar will be reserved for the graduates and the next two rows are reserved for families who purchased them at the auction.  There will be signs.

11:30 Graduation in the church

12:30 Immediately following the graduation ceremony…

Bar-b-que: THIS IS SOLD OUT!!  We have reached complete capacity -- our plan is to have everyone eating in Unity Place, but we do have overflow plans just in case.  

2:00 or so – HAPPY SUMMER!!!