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Please help us meet our goal for new Macbooks!

Why is it so important to have updated computers?

The Macbooks the students currently use in the Computer Lab are on their last leg. Their operating system has been updated as much as it can be and we can no longer update the web browsers. The students use the computers daily; below are a few examples of how the computers are used:

  • The kindergarten through 6th grade students have weekly computer class and use the Macbooks to navigate the Internet to do research for projects (using World Book online, for instance) or do online activities that reinforce academic skills.
  • The 1st grade did an online Eric Carle activity where they added layers to an object similar to Eric Carle's illustrations, then copied/pasted into AppleWorks (a paint program) to print their work.
  • Microsoft Word is accessed daily for typing reports and bibliographies.
  • They are learning Excel so they know how to record and graph data in spreadsheets for analytics.
  • The use of PowerPoint and/or Google Slides enable the students to design slides for presentations they give in class.
  • Programming – Students are learning how to write code using the online site,, as well as the programs Scratch & Terrapin Logo.
  • Students use iMovie to create book trailers for the library.
  • Students use Garageband for promotion of various book series.

Please spread the word to your family and friends, and give on #GivingTuesday.