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Parents' Association Presents ...

You’ve probably heard about the importance of consistency and routine in a child’s life. But have you ever wondered why this is the case?
First and foremost, having structure is essential to a child’s (or adolescent’s!) sense of safety and security. As clinical psychologist Abigail Gewirtz, PhD points out, “We’re all creatures of habit, but for kids, in particular, routines and the structure of everyday life provide predictability in a life where they don’t have a lot of control.”
Additionally, structure creates opportunities for kids to learn how to respect limits and boundaries, practice tolerating frustration and delayed gratification, and become more skillful at self-discipline. Finally, routine fosters the independence and self-esteem that come from practicing something over and over again.
If you’re interested in learning more about routine and other ways to support your kids, consider coming to Envisioning a Successful School Year, a parent education night hosted by our counselor, Ms. Rapaport, on Tuesday September 19th, from 6:30-7:30 pm in the library!
No RSVP necessary, adults only please.  Questions?  Please contact our PA coordinator at [email protected] or Ms. Rapaport at [email protected].