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St. Vincent de Paul Donation Drive

Dear St. Francis of Assisi parish and school families,

We have heard for months now about the social and economic impacts COVID has had on our neighbors. Families are in fear of being evicted from their homes. Some aren't sure where the next meal will come from. And hundreds, in our community, are unemployed and lack funds for basic necessities.

As your youth minister, I have been coordinating with some organizations, specifically St. Vincent de Paul, to organize opportunities for families and students to help our neighbors-in-need. Our Catholic identity encourages us to follow our call to serve our community and bring the love of God to others by contributing charitably toward our community's quality of life. In that way, I'm hoping you'll help with the following request.

On Tuesday September 8th, from 3:30-4:30 pm, I will be in the parking lot of the parish ready and able to receive donations from you for our neighbors-in-need. Please see the list below for items needed.

Not only is this important for students who are now remote to still feel connected physically to their parish and school, but it is additionally important for us to begin the year in a charitable way. If you plan on being a part of our "drive through donation site", please let me know. If you would like your family or student to be engaged in volunteer/engagement work with St. Francis of Assisi Parish or St. Vincent de Paul, please feel free to email me at

Peace be with you all,

Kevin J. Schilling
Pastoral Assistance for Youth Ministry
Non-perishable food items: 
canned soup
spam canned chicken
canned fruit meals in a can
peanut butter, jam, jelly cup of noodles
macaroni and cheese salsa
power bars spaghetti sauce
serving size bags of potato chips, corn chips dry cereal
Household & seasonal items:
socks & shoes -- adult sizes
tarps, sleeping bags, and blankets
fall/winter seasonal clothing