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Become a Guardian of our School by Donating Monthly


Join Us in our Mission

You will be able to help educate each student within a Christ-centered, Catholic community. By fostering their faith, providing a balanced curriculum and promoting academic growth you are preparing our students for success. Please join us by supporting our mission.

Monthly giving is an easy, more budget-friendly way to donate because you are donating smaller amounts of money over time. We now have a secure, online, recurring donation option so all you have to do is enter your information one time, schedule your monthly donation date and click the submit button.  It is very easy and you will receive an email each month letting you know that your donation has been made.

Whether you donate $5 a month or $10 dollars a month, we are grateful for all donations we receive; they truly make a difference. 

Our Monthly Donors are Guardians of our Future

By becoming a recurring, monthly donor you will become a Guardian of our School. By becoming a Guardian, you will: 
  • Ensure more of your donation goes to our ministry by lowering costs
  • Strengthen our ministry without a big one-time hit to your wallet
  • Provide a solid future for the young members of our community
  • Support the four pillars of our strategic plan:
    • Faith and Community
    • Academics and Extracurriculars
    • People: Staff and Volunteers
    • Facilities
We are blessed and grateful for your commitment.
This is How it Works
Simply decide on an amount you would like to give monthly and which of our funds you would like to contribute to: General Fund, Technology Fund, Tuition Assistance/Scholarship Fund, or our Endowment. (If you do not choose a fund your donations will be placed in our General Fund.)  
You will then put in your contact information and your account information for your credit or debit card. Your donation will be transferred automatically each and will appear on your bank or credit card statement.  You will receive a notification each month from St. Francis of Assisi School, as well. It's easy and best of all ensures your donation is put to good work as efficiently as possible.
We appreciate your generosity and are grateful for any support you provide. If for any reason you wish to stop or change the amount of your gift, simply contact Roxann Wydick (our bookkeeper) and she will honor your request immediately. You can reach Roxann via phone at 206.243.5690 or via email at

“By being able to spread it out over 12 months we are able to give a greater amount of donation than if we made one lump payment.  We are able to give back more to a school that did so much for our kids than we will be ever able to repay, but we sure are going to try.”  – Michael and Carla Bies

“The reason I donate monthly to the school fund is because I view it as an obligation, I feel, to the future of the Catholic Church.  We need to encourage Catholic education to the best of our ability...It is just easier for me financially to donate monthly instead of one lump sum and somehow I feel able to make a larger donation that way.” 
– St. Francis Parishioner