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Sra. Mead's Homepage



Welcome to my homepage. I am excited to have Spanish classes with the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders this year.


This is what students need for class daily:


  • a CHARGED cell phone, laptop or tablet with functioning internet access. Also, they need to remember their passwords for our educational websites.
  • earbuds, air pods, headphones, a headset, etc. for the student to individually hear something in class.
  • a section in a 3-ring binder dedicated to only Spanish class.
  • lined, loose leaf paper.
  • blue or black pens, red pens, whiteout.


Helpful Info

  • Because I like to complete the written activities in class, the Spanish textbooks stay in our classroom, so students don’t have to carry them around.
  • Students will have about 5 – 10 minutes of homework each night. I try to assign the online, interactive activities for homework that are hopefully more entertaining than normal written practice.
  • If a student cannot complete the online homework within 10 minutes because of a temperamental website or he/she is struggling, he/she should stop after 10 minutes & email me that evening (instead of telling me in class the next day).
  • Students who email me (at explaining incomplete homework need to have the parent CCed on the email.
  • If a student emails me after 3pm, I will not respond until the next working day. Please know I am not ignoring the student; I just don’t check emails after 3:00pm.



How Parents Can Help

  • Be a second set of eyes for your student (with locating links, due dates, understanding instructions etc.)
  • Check assignments in Google Classrooms to see which assignments are still pending.
  • As students are expected to take notes, if your student is struggling with a concept or homework, ask to see the notes from that day so you can trouble shoot with them.
  • Help your student compose an email to me (most students struggle with writing an email) to ask their questions.
  • Encourage your student to:
    • email teachers with questions (and CC you in that email so you can see him/her taking care of business).
    • check the TO DO list in Google Classrooms for work your student needs to complete.
    • study the vocabulary every night (
    • explain what he/she learned in Spanish class so your student can show off a bit.
Times have been hard for students lately.  I look forward to a wonderful year as we come out of such a trying time!