Agenda for KB Class Meeting  

Wednesday           August 12, 2020            10:00 AM


Nancy McHenry Dirks is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Please wear your school uniform if you have one

Join Zoom Meeting



SL.K.1a   Listening and Speaking Norms for Zoom Meetings


1.      Please wear a school uniform unless you haven’t purchased one yet

2.      Sit at a table or desk. 

3.      Hold device steady if it is not on a desk or table

4.      Please do not eat during a Zoom Meeting

5.      Look at the person speaking/talking

6.      Sign in with student name on device

7.      Be on task and pay attention to class meeting

8.      Stay still and avoid distracting behaviors

9.      Listen when others talk. One speaker at a time

10.  Raise your hand for a turn


Introduce Mrs. Butzerin and Mrs. Leifer


“Sharing” Snack Ideas

Camera Skills – where is the computer camera?

Teacher will take photo of the visual menu of snack ideas


Sing Happy Birthday to Clare


Show Your Mask                  

Show classmates what you look like with wearing a mask

We have to wear masks at school

Use the ear loops to take it off and on

Don’t touch your nose and mouth because that’s where the coronavirus hangs out


Students, see you on Zoom starting Wednesday 9/2/20 daily (no slow start)

Parents, see you on Zoom Monday 8/31/20 at 3:00 PM for Orientation