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Tuition, Fees & Fundraising Commitment

Tuition Rates

The school has two tuition rates:  a lower rate for families who are registered and contributing members of St. Francis of Assisi parish, and a higher rate for families who are not.  Families who are registered members of the parish must have a Sacrificial Giving Card on file and contribute, on a regular basis, to the parish.  Families who do not meet their parish responsibility will be moved to the "non-parish" tuition.

To qualify for the In-Parish rate:

  • At least one parent is baptized Catholic and registered with St. Francis of Assisi Parish.

  • Student(s) are baptized Catholics.

  • Have a record of regularly contributing to St. Francis of Assisi Church (if new to the school, at least six months prior to registration).

  • Have a Sacrificial Giving Card on file with the Parish office.


 Tuition Rates for 2018-2019

Family Size Annual Rate Payment in Full by August 1st *
11 Month Rate
July - May
In-Parish 1 Child $5,690 $5,547.75 $517.27
In-Parish 2 Children $10,524 $10,260.90 $956.73
In-Parish 3 Children   $14,502 $14,139.45 $1,318.37
In-Parish 4 Children $17,631 $17,190.23 $1,602.82
In-Parish 5 Children $19,827 $19,331.33 $1,802.45
Out-of-Parish 1 Child $8,314 $8,106.15 $755.82
Out-of-Parish 2 Children $15,376 $14,991.60 $1,397.82
Out-of-Parish 3 Children $21,191 $20,661.23 $1,926.45
Out-of-Parish 4 Children $25,760 $25,116.00 $2,341.82

    * Payment in Full by August 1, 2018 includes a 2.5% discount.                             



  • The annual Registration and Education Services Fee is $200.00 per student, due with registration.  This assures a child's placement in the school and is non-refundable.
  • Students in the 6th grade attend outdoor camp and families are responsible for the costs associated with attending the camp.  Detailed information on the cost per family for camp is sent out in the fall.
  • The 8th grade retreat requires a nominal fee.  


Fundraising Commitment

  • Each family is asked to contribute to the Annual School Campaign.  Your financial commitment should be based on your personal financial situation. 
  • Each family must procure an item or items worth no less than $150.00 for the Annual Spirit Auction.  Families who choose to pay cash in lieu of procuring an item(s), must turn in the procurement form and payment before November 15, 2018.  Procurement forms for auction items donated are due no later than December 15, 2018.  An additional $50.00 late fee (for a total of $200.00) will be assessed after the above due dates.
  • Each family must bring in an additional $350.00 in Profit Dollars to the school by March 31st of the current school year, or pay the amount not raised.  Profit Dollars are the funds the school receives from SCRIP purchases.
  • Families that raise more than $350.00 in Profit Dollars from SCRIP may qualify for a 50% rebate on any additional funds raised.  Profit Dollars earned from any source other than SCRIP will not be considered part of the $350.00 necessary for the rebate to start. 


Volunteer Hours

A minimum of 30 commitment hours are required per family (10 in fundraising and 20 miscellaneous hours) to the school and/or parish. Commitment hours must be served by March 31st of the current school year.  Any service time done after that will be credited to the following year.  Families will be charged $30 per service hour not completed. Contact Parents' Association member, Rebekah Funk at with any questions.