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2020 Spirit Auction

Feathers and Fedoras
Friday, May 1, 2020
the Gates Foundation
Great news! Our school just received an additional $25,000 for our auction from the Gates Foundation.  A huge thank you to them and to Melissa Garcia, a school parent who works for the Gates Foundation, for helping procure a match for every dollar donated.  This now brings our auction gross to $220,000!  
Simply amazing!
Thank you!
Monday, April 27, 2020
Dear Families and Friends of St. Francis of Assisi School,
The bidding is now finished, but THANKS TO YOU - it appears we've raised approximately $195,000 from all donations, sponsorships, and advertisements through last night! 
Our 2020 St. Francis of Assisi School Fund an Item is still open.  This year we are creating a scholarship fund to be used for tuition assistance for families impacted by COVID-19.  We'd like our whole community to return to St. Francis of Assisi School!    

Your support makes all the difference - LINK HERE TO OUR SITE.

Also, sign ups are still open for any of the instant parties that have spots open.  Guys Poker Night?  Eighth grade photo book?  Free dress for a week?  Check out the Item Sales tab. 
Want to see your invoice/charges?  Connect to the auction site, and look for the person icon in the upper right corner.  Click "My Statement" to see a summary of what was purchased. If you are ready to check out, please click "Process Payment". The payment will automatically be processed.  Questions or issues with the statement?  Please contact our coordinators at  Ideally, we'll need those errors before 8pm tonight (Monday, April 27th).   
Item Pickup/Drop-off.  We appreciate your patience as we work out the logistics for delivering items!  Physical items will be mailed, emailed, or hand-delivered - depending on the item. We are arranging a team of volunteers who will be picking up items from donors homes, and delivering them to the winners. This will be done in a safe, contact-less process where we will ask donors to leave their item on their porch at a specified time & day, and it will be delivered to the winning bidder in a similar manner. 
If you are interested in volunteering on the team that will be doing the pickups and deliveries, please email
Thank you for making our auction a huge success.  Thank you for being a community that rises.
Peace and blessings,

Rosemary Leifer, Dianna Leppa, Amy Rosenfield, and Gretchen Longridge