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St. Francis of Assisi School Provides a Well-Rounded Education to Our Students

Although parents pay for their children to attend a Catholic school, many would not be able to afford to provide this to their kids if the tuition covered the actual cost to educate them.  But, as we all know, a Catholic education is so very worth it!  In addition to the Washington State curriculum that we teach, we provide each student with knowledge they don't get in text books.  

  • We teach them about faith in God; that everyone is always loved by God and He is always with us
  • We help our students to discover what is special about each one of them - what their strengths and talents are - so they can be successful and thrive throughout their lives
  • We show them that as we go through this self-discovery with them, we will provide them with the knowledge they will need to hone their talents and use them to improve and support their surrounding community and the "world community", in a definitive way which can only make our world a better place for every one
  • We teach them that life is a wonderful, continual learning experience - a gift from God - that is to be lived to the fullest and shared with others
St. Francis of Assisi School is dedicated to our students and their educational and personal growth.  Through you donation, you will help us to provide them with the knowledge and the tools they need so they go onto high school, college and beyond and make a positive difference in our community at home and abroad.