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Ms. Hulsman's Home Page

Welcome--Academic Year 21-22

Thank you for visiting my homepage!  I am so happy to be back on campus right at the start of this new school year, and as I have in the past, I will be teaching several seventh and eighth grade classes.  I am sharing the 8B Homeroom teacher duties with my colleague and friend, Monica Stein.  Each of us will be in the building four days per week, and we will be coordinating all of our lesson plans and co-teaching some classes.


In addition to my shared homeroom teacher duties, I will be teaching high school algebra (eighth grade), ELA (eighth grade), religion (seventh grade), and Washington state history (seventh grade).  I will also be working with all seventh and eighth graders on developing their skills with technology.


I use Google Classroom to post specific assignments and projects and to provide reference materials related to my students’ assigned work. I use the website you are viewing now to post information of a more general nature, such as links to sites that students may find useful for the long term, my classroom policies and course objectives, and some parent resources, such as links to useful and interesting websites.


If you have questions about any of the information on this site, please reach out! My email address is




In the Event of a Quarantine FAQ

6th-8th Grade COVID Quarantine Plan

FAQ--What to Expect If:

An Individual Student Needs to Quarantine

An Entire Class or the Entire School Must Quarantine

How have the students in grades six through eight been prepared for a possible (individual, classwide, or schoolwide) quarantine event?

Students have been taught to check Google Classroom each day for assignments and materials posted by their teachers.  In addition, students have identified two or three classmates whom they could contact in the event that they are absent from school for any length of time for information about assignments, notes that were given in class, or any other classroom activities they need to know about.  These small groups of students have each set up a group email to use for this purpose, but they may also agree to exchange information by text/telephone if this works well for all students in the group.

When a student is in quarantine or away from school for an extended amount of time due to illness, what materials will they need and how can they get the needed materials? 

When a student is in quarantine or at home due to serious illness for an extended period, one of the student’s teachers will connect with the student each day via Zoom. The homeroom teacher will set up a list for which teacher checks in with the student each day.  All of the student’s teachers will gather materials in a bag for the student and the labeled bag will be placed on the steps in the main entryway to the school so that the student’s parent can pick up the materials.  Some textbooks are available online, and/or teachers may be able to post specific pages from textbooks on Classroom for specific assignments.  Please contact your child’s teacher for more specific information about materials that are available online if necessary.

What should students be taking home every day, even if they fully expect to be back at school the next day?

Students should bring home their chromebook/laptop/tablet and binder every day. 

What is the plan for students on day 1 of quarantine if a whole class goes out?

Because of the specifics (who and for how long) of a classwide or schoolwide quarantine event, teachers will need one day to plan before students and parents may expect any online classes via Zoom would begin. However, students should still check Google Classroom twice on the first day of a quarantine, once by 9 am for any new assignments to complete and again at 5 pm to see what the plan is going forward. If there are no new assignments posted on Day 1, students can then use the remainder of the day to work on any unfinished assignments, do independent reading, IXL, and Newsela. Parents will be emailed by 5 pm with the plan going forward.

Google Classroom for Students: Materials, Questions, Assignments

This video is geared toward students in grades 5-8, but parents and teachers who are new to Classroom may also find it helpful to watch this video to gain an understanding of the three most common things teachers post on Classroom.

Google Classroom for Students & Parents (Google Classroom Tutorial 2020)

This video doesn't get into the differences among assignments, questions, and materials. Instead, the focus is on how students can navigate Classroom efficiently. Short and sweet with easy-to-follow demonstrations of how to get to Classroom with the "waffle;" how students can see what assignments they have completed, what assignments are past due, and what due dates are coming up; and a couple different ways students can submit assignments.