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Free Resources

The information below is free for families and our community that might need learning resources or at-home activities.  Please check back frequently as this page will be updated.  If you have questions, please reach out to your teachers, or the school office.  PARENTS:  We appreciate you and see what an amazing job you are doing!  We can do this together!
St. Francis of Assisi Parish:  Connect with Fr. Hayatsu via the Parish website.
  Parish Facebook page can be found HERE.  See Holy Week masses HERE on the Parish YouTube channel.  The Catholic Faith on Demand.  
  Sponsored by our St. Francis of Assisi Parish.  FREE - please use the zip code 98062 to locate our parish.  
  Offers daily reflections, teachings, movie reviews and more.
  The Lenten program of Catholic Relief Service, the official relief and development agency of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Wonderful site with Family Resources, Stories of Hope, Stations of the Cross and recipes to cook at home.  
Stations of the Cross:  Courtesy of Busted Halo, faith shared joyfully, thoughtful blogs, videos, prayers
One of our parents is connected to Merrill Gardens, and would LOVE to have your letters and pictures to share with her residents.  Many residents are not able to have visitors right now, and this would really make a big difference in their happiness.  Who knows? -- You might end up with a wonderful pen pal that becomes an adopted grandparent if you add your name and address!  
Here's the community names and addresses for the Merrill Gardens Communities -- all of these wonderful people could use your love!  Questions can be directed to Erica Gower at   If you'd like to send pictures of your letters and work, we'll post it and tag #stfoa!  
#DoGoodFromHome Challenge.  Use compassion and creativity to do acts of good from home.  Unique ideas for each day of the week.
KIDS FOR PEACE:  Gratitude Gifts and ideas for those working around us to keep things working.  Working on uplifting our world through love and action.  


RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS FOUNDATION:  Kindness is a powerful tool. Let’s use it.  Tons of resources and ideas here.



FREE MEALS:  Meals and resources available to all Highline district families and children.  
Our daily lives have changed in many ways over the last 8 weeks and will continue to evolve.  We want to offer you, your family and students resources to help navigate being housebound.

Pastoral Care during the Corona virus (and the Self Care infographic )

Coronavirus Mental Health Resources - English - Archdiocese of Seattle
Coronavirus Mental Health Resources - Spanish - Archdicese of Seattle

ARTICLE: Why Working From Home Is So Exhausting—And How To Reinvigorate Click HERE.  
ACTION: Consider seeking out an accountability buddy aka: (Prayer buddy or Easter Buddy) who helps hold you accountable for self-care with daily or weekly check ins. We are now on information overload. How can we take action to show our love and compassion for each other by prioritizing time for ourselves for self-care? What it looks like to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially and psychologically?  Can we intentionally walk with our neighbor? Who is YOUR buddy? Who is YOUR neighbor? Let's model and practice the 4 M’s for Self-Care: Mindfulness, Meditation, Movement, and Meaningful Relationships. It is a time for HOPE and TRUST IN THE LORD.  Visit My Catholic School for more news and information.  

Find us on Facebook:
Our wonderful art teacher, Ms. Meyers, has created this Facebook page to share art and all your creative endeavors!  Please check out 123 Do Art With Me on Facebook for inspiration & joy!
Draw Every Day:  With Jarrett J. Krosoczka—author & illustrator from the NY Times.  Free art, cartooning and writing lessons every weekday at 2:00 pm
Wide Open School:  Powered by Common Sense
  HUGE site split into "Educator" and "Family", also by grades and activity.  Subjects range from setting a daily schedule, to math, science, reading, to field trips, English as a second language, and life skills.
Online Free Resources:  Provided by Tech & Learning:
Where the Wonders of Learning Never Cease:  Wonderopolis
  What Willie Wonka might have designed as his own classroom.
Grammar, Learning Nouns & Verbs:  ABCYa
  For grades 1-6, recommended from our 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Goetz
Fluency & Fitness:  Exercise Your Brain & Body 
  Reading, math, videos -- for K-2nd grade.  FREE if sign up by Friday, March 27th!
Bedtime Math - Cabin Fever Math:  Without the screen!  Bedtime Math
XtraMath:  Free web program helping kids master basic math facts.
  Treasure trove for preschool through high school, subjects like English, Math, Science, Current Events, Social Studies, ELA & Music
  Recommended by our 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Riedeman. 
Coronavirus Fact Sheet:  Courtesy of the Seattle Times 
  Our 8th graders are studying the Coronavirus and infectious diseases - this is a good visual tool 
TED2015 With Bill Gates:  The Next Outbreak?  We're Not Ready.
Youtube:  Why Wash Your Hands?
  And why for 20 seconds?  Good biology lesson.
Virtual Zoo Trips & Animal Cams:  Provided by Ms. Goetz, 2nd grade
Museum of Flight:  At Home Student Activities
  Downloadable activities from the Museum Educators
#NationalFieldDay:  May 8th, 2020!  Check out the OPEN National Field Day site for details and videos.  Ms. Tesch has St. Francis students participating in 4 different events:  Tennis Shoe Tower, Towel Flip Challenge, Water Bottle Trap, and Paper Plane Corn HoleBUT DON'T STOP THERE!  Check out the other "events" and let us know how you do -- tag us @StFrancisofAssisisea and #stfoa and we'll share too!   There's prizes and a Torch Run - check out the videos HERE.  
Active For Life:  Check out the fun activities for young ones -
  Easy to make a free profile & enjoy specific activities to develop coordination, build stamina and have fun!  
Active Home:  This site is free courtesy of US Games.  Includes videos, worksheets, lessons from teachers around the world. 


Movement & Mindfulness:  GoNoodle 
  Get ready for some seriously fun movement & play!
Good Energy:  Another from GoNoodle that includes healthy food choices, washing hands, relieving tension ... the list goes on!
Exercise App:  Exerprise for mobile
  Download and stick with the free app -- different work outs based upon the time & equipment you have.




Games, Movies & Books K-3:  Starfall Education 
Computer Science Courses:  Future Engineer courtesy of Amazon.  Great for K-12th grades.
  Includes recommendations for reading, movies, current events and distance learning.
Typing & Keyboarding:  3 Different resources:
Storyline Online:  Wonderful books read by celebrities -- search by book title, author, or person reading.
WorldBook Online: World Book has made our entire suite of online databases available through the end of May to assist with distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To access these resources, simply go to and enter the following info:
   Username: wbsupport
   Password: distancelearn
   You'll also have access to a Training Guide as well as COVID-19 Support Resources that are specifically there to help teachers, parents, and caregivers with distance learning during this unprecedented time.
Check out the latest from Google for Education:  
National Parks Virtual Tours:  Courtesy of Totally the Bomb
Yoga for Kids:  A fabulous Cosmic Kids video from our 5th grade experts:  Ms. Fiorito and Ms. LeRoy
America's Test Kitchen:  Young Chef's Club
  Cooking activities, trivia and more!