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Enhancement Programs

Students at St. Francis have the opportunity to participate in weekly electives, enhancement programs, and after-school classes and clubs.  Some of these include:


Altar servers.  Applications are submitted to the Parish office, attention Elizabeth Hanks.  

Art Camp.  Various after-school art camps are coordinated by our art program teacher, Dani Meyers.  Themes have included watercolor, canvas painting, paper marbling, tie dye, and special holiday themes. Please see the information under After School Clubs

Band.  Under the direction of the very amazing Frances McKamey, our band program begins in 4th grade and is an elective taken during the school day.  Students in grades 5-8 also have the opportunity to audition for Honors Band, and all band members participate in an annual festival held at Kennedy Catholic High School in the spring. Questions?  Contact Frances McKamey at

Chess Club.  Coordinated between a staff member and Chess Wizards, this after-school activity is open to K-8th graders.  Learn the game, strategy, tactics and have fun ... no experience necessary!  Next session begins Sept. 18th.  Please see schedule and sign up details under After School Clubs.  

Choir.  Directed by Coleen Auxier, this school elective is open to 4th - 8th grade students.  Participants provide music for school masses and various weekend masses throughout the school year.  Contact Coleen Auxier via email at

Coding With Kids.  Computer programming classes are back!  Two grade levels are offered and classes run into the beginning of December.  Please see the schedule and registration details under After School Clubs.  

Community Service.  Part of our school mission and incorporated into our curriculum, every student participates in community service.  The kindergarten and 7th grades collectively assemble and deliver over 250 sandwiches to the St. Martin de Porres shelter every month.  The kindergarten is responsible for collecting the compost, and use it to maintain our on-site rain garden.  The 5th grade collects clothing and toiletries for Community Lunch on Capitol Hill, where our 7th and 8th graders assist with lunch preparation, serving, and clean up every Tuesday during the school year.

Counseling Services.  Lonnie Miller is our school psychologist and has decades of teaching and professional experience.  She coordinates our Second Step program, designed to facilitate communication and collaboration between students especially dealing with bullying.  She is available and teaches Monday - Wednesday and can be contacted via email at

CYO Athletics welcomes all girls and boys who are students at St. Francis of Assisi school or parish members.  We offer soccer and cross country in the fall, basketball and volleyball in the winter, and baseball and track/field in the spring.  Junior Kitiona is our Athletic Director.  See our CYO Athletics page for current sign-ups and information. 

Field Trips.  Each grade participates in field trips according to the teacher's discretion.  Kindergarten has taken trips to the Children's Theatre and Coast Guard facilities, 3rd grade has an annual trip to NW Trek, 5th grade takes an annual marine science boat trip in Puget Sound, and 6th grade participates in Camp Waskowitz every spring.

Foreign Language.  Our middle school students (7th and 8th grades) take Spanish during their normal school day. 

Homework Club is provided for students staying after school to complete their work in a quiet, supervised area.  First - 3rd grades are given 30 minutes of homework help, and 4th - 8th grades are in a classroom for 60 minutes with a teacher or teacher assistant.  If you'd like your student to participate in Homework Club, please complete the online registration on Parents Web under Family Information.  If your child is already signed up for the Extended Day Program, they are signed up for Homework Club.  Please contact Mona Anderson with questions.

Lego Robotics.  Gears and Gizmos!  Design & build -- Lego Robotics is back!  Our fall session begins in October - please see details about the schedule and sign ups under After School Clubs.

School Musical.  St. Francis of Assisi School has directed an all-school musical every year for the past 16 years.  This year's production was Mulan Jr.  Please contact Marian Christjaener with questions.

Science/Hobby Fair.  Each year our students participate in the annual Science Fair held in February.  Kindergarten - 5th grades are encouraged to participate, while it is a required and graded science assignment for the 6th - 8th grade students.  This year's Science Fair will be on March 7th at 6:30 pm.

Scouting.  We support multiple girl and boy scout troops and activities with the St. Francis Parish.  Our Boy Scouts host the annual salmon dinner to kick off the Lent season (this Friday, March 8th), and each new year recycle Christmas trees.

Student Council.  Nine positions are open for students who want to plan activities, participate and make the school a better place for learning, community service and friendship building.