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Students & Parents » Traffic / Carpool Policy

Traffic / Carpool Policy

Carpool drop off is available every morning rain or shine! The gates will open by 8:10am. When using the carpool please enter and exit off 20th Ave. SW, remember to drive slowly, and pull all the way forward.  Do not stop at the beginning or middle section to drop your child off.  For safety purposes, have your child(ren) exit out of the passenger side doors.  We have faculty and parent volunteers to assist your child when exiting from the car. All drivers need to stay in their vehicle and make a right hand turn when exiting the carpool parking lot


In the afternoon, carpool is available unless it is raining. The afternoon carpool looks different from the morning, with three lanes for cars to line up.  When using the afternoon carpool it is important to pull all the way forward and to stay in your vehicle.  A faculty member will ask who you are picking up and your child(ren) will be called and delivered to you.


If it is raining, snowing, or the temperature is below freezing, we will hold indoor dismissal. For indoor dismissal, parents are asked to park their car and enter the EDP space. Once you have entered EDP stay in the coned off area and move towards the back doors (to your left) by the Spanish classroom.  Your child will meet you by the back doors and you are asked to exit out of those doors.  For safety concerns please do not block the exit doors.


All children need to be picked up by 3:15 pm (2:30 pm on Wednesdays) unless they are signed up for EDP.