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Health & COVID-19

Staff, Students, Volunteers, and Visitors 

Schools are now required to track staff, students, volunteers and visitors verification of vaccination.  Please complete the COVID Vaccination Verification Questionnaire form (hyperlink) and email and/or show the office staff proof of vaccination.
Parents are no longer required to fill out and submit the DAILY HEALTH SCREENING form. However, they should continue to screen their children for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 daily. 
Symptom screening at home can be helpful to determine if a student or adult:
● Currently has an infectious illness that could impair their ability to learn, or
● Is at risk of transmitting an infectious illness to other students or the school staff.
If a student is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and/or has been in close contact with a person confirmed to have COVID-19, please follow the Public Health Seattle and King County Return to Work/School flowchart guidelines AND contact Trish Hanson, our COVID coordinator, for further guidance.


  • Temperature of 100.4°F or higher
  • New or increased shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • New cough
  • ONE or more SHORT-TERM symptoms** together longer than 24 hours
  • Close contact with someone who has a current diagnosis of COVID-19

(**Refer to: What To Do If My Child Feels Sick )


Covid Symptoms

QUESTIONS?  Contact Trish Hanson, COVID Coordinator, or the school office at (206) 243-5690 to determine whether or not additional follow up is needed.
If a student demonstrates SYMPTOMS while at school:
  • Staff will contact the COVID-19 Team to request assistance.
  • Student will be accompanied to our Isolation Room to avoid exposure to others.
  • Parent/Guardian must pick up their child within 30 minutes of a phone call.
MASKS AND/OR FACE COVERINGS ARE REQUIRED for all individuals entering the Parish or the School buildings.  Please send your student(s) with the proper face covering:
  • Masks with breathing/air vents are NOT allowed
  • Gators are NOT allowed.
Students with improper masks or face coverings will be given a mask by school staff and expected to wear it during school hours per the  CDC guidelines and school requirements.  Please CLICK HERE for the CDC Guide to Masks During COVID-19.  
Although we still encourage everyone to follow the CDC guidelines around travel, we will no longer require unvaccinated students to quarantine after returning from out of state travel unless they are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or they came in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.
These are our guidelines around travel for now.  As we approach Thanksgiving, Christmas and beyond, our guidelines may need to change again. Please consider this possibility as you make holidays plans.   


St. Francis of Assisi School is following the guidance set forth by the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle, Office of Catholic Schools, and King County Public Health to implement specific protocol intended to prevent coronavirus on our campus.
This site specific COVID-19 Safety Plan has four elements:  COVID-19 Supervisor, Control, Mitigation and Exposure.
The Supervisor for this site is the Safety Program Manager, Trish Hanson.  In the event it is not possible for the manager to be present on site when occupied, they can delegate the supervisor duties to another person(s) as long as the Safety Program Manager is available by phone.  We have also implemented a COVID-19 Team to respond as needed.
  • Attend the Archdiocesan COVID-19 Supervisor Training.
  • Assure all employees and volunteers who organize or assist in school activities are trained
Employees and Volunteers:
  • Employees must review the Archdiocesan Basic Employee Training on the COVID-19 Infection Prevention
  • Record of this training is documented and retained in the employee personal file.
If a student demonstrates SYMPTOMS while at school:
  • Staff will contact the COVID-19 Team to request assistance.
  • Student will be accompanied to our Isolation Room to avoid exposure to others.
  • Parent/Guardian must pick up their child within 30 minutes of a phone call.
  • Accessible and visible signage in compliance with King County Health Department will be placed at main entry points and throughout the campus.
  • Cleaning staff addresses regular, frequent, and periodic cleaning throughout the building.
  • This site must ensure that everyone keeps at least six feet away from coworkers and the public, when feasible.
  • Other prevention measures are required such as use of barriers to block sneezes and coughs, and ventilation improvements when social distancing isn't feasible.
Personal protective equipment may be helpful when social distancing and other protective measures are infeasible or not effective.
  • Face shields can prevent direct exposure to sneezes or coughs; they also provide protection from cleaning chemicals and disinfectants.
  • Approved respirators such as N95s are not normally recommended, but may be appropriate where workers must remain in very close proximity to others. 
  • Loose-fitting face masks or cloth face covers (e.g., scarves and homemade masks) are required as a best practice measure to prevent the wearer from transmitting droplets from coughs and sneezes.  The loose-fitting face masks or cloth face covers do not prevent inhalation of fine aerosols and are not protective in close proximity.  Note: Phase 1 and 2 Religious and Faith Based Organizations COVID-19 Requirements (5-27-2020) require face coverings. 
  • Avoid touching the mouth, nose, eyes, and nearby surfaces when putting on, using, and removing PPE and masks.
In the event an employee, or anyone else has come onto the site, and later reports testing positive for COVID-19, the school will follow these procedures:
  • School COVID-19 Team gathers information related to the date, time on site and people with whom the infected person had contact.
  • School will contact the local health department to determine next steps with those who had contact with the individual and recommendations on cleaning. 
King County COVID-19 Call Centers: Medical questions related to COVID-19: 8AM-7PM (206) 477- 3977.
      • General questions about COVID-19 in Washington state, contact the Washington State Novel Coronavirus Call center (800) 525-0127
  • School will contact the Archdiocese to discuss Health Department requirements and next steps for communication, building cleaning, etc. 
      • Ed Foster – Director of Property and Construction Services (206) 382-2064
      • If Ed cannot be reached, contact Nick Altenhofen Insurance Specialist (206) 382-4529
        Note: If unable to reach via phone, send a message via e-mail.