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Alumni Association

We have known you since you were 5 or 6 years old; you grew-up at this school and you took with you the basic, fundamental knowledge that you have needed to become Christ-centered, focused, caring, leaders in your communities.  We hope that the memories you have of your schooling at STFOA have helped you to become happy, successful adults.  Now, we want you to give back to the current and future students of our school.


Once a part of the St. Francis of Assisi School community, always a part!


You are essential to our school family and community and we want to build a mutually successful relationship with you; that is the reason for the Alumni Association.  We want you to mentor the current and future students at STFOA.  And through your mentoring, we want those students to be so excited about the relationships and knowledge that they gain from you that they will want to mentor future students; you see where we are going with this? We want to make sure that the opportunity for a Catholic education at St. Francis of Assisi School will be alive and well for as long as we have people on the earth and that can’t happen without your partnership.


The first order of business is to form an Alumni Board.  This is what we need to have a successful board:


Alumni Board Officers:

  •       President
  •       Vice President
  •       Secretary


Other Board Members to include:

  •             A total of two or three representatives from the graduation classes of 1956 through 1969
  •       A total of four-to-six representatives from the graduation classes of 1970 through 1999
  •       A total of six-to-eight representatives from the graduation classes of 2000 - Present

After the alumni board, we are hoping there would be two or three class representatives for each graduation class – 1956 through present – which the board members would oversee.  The class representatives would be the contacts for their classmates.


Once we have the volunteers for the alumni board and the class representatives for each graduating class, we will build from there.


For Board positions in the future, elections will be held but for now we are looking for those who can step-in and begin the Association.


We will have committees to coordinate reunions, on-going communication with alumni so you know what is happening at the school and with the current students, coordination of alumni to speak at school events, volunteer and attend school events such as the annual Open House, the Spirit Auction, Graduation, etc.


Another goal of ours is to communicate with prospective school families.  It is important that families who are thinking about sending their children to our school know that the high-quality, Catholic education their children will receive will be the springboard for continued success throughout their lives.  Just think of the inspiration you could provide to the current and future students of our school! 


Your stories of how your time at St. Francis of Assisi School helped to shape your life would be greatly appreciated. Your name will NOT be used in any publication without your permission.  St. Francis of Assisi School does not sell or give information about our alumni to organizations outside the School and Parish.


For now – until we have more Alumni involved – you can contact our school Development Director, Gena Aiello at or 206-243-0775, for information about how you can be involved in our Alumni Association.


You can also send Gena your email address so we can begin sending you the Quarterly School Report so you know a bit about the students and what is happening at the School.  It is published in April, July, October and January.


If you live out of town we can always use video/phone conferencing for you to attend meetings so please don’t let that deter you from being involved.